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Proudly Empowering Girls with STEAM Education

Female students and working women have been under-represented in STEM-related academic as well as professional settings for far too long. Per the US Census 2021, “women are nearly half of U.S. workforce but only 27% of STEM workers.”

These stats are even lower (15%-21%) when it comes to pure Math, Engineering, and Computer Science majors and careers.

Why is it so? From gender stereotyping and building a male-dominated STEM culture to fewer female role models and fueling low confidence in Math, somehow as a society we have managed to divide the children’s section of our shopping malls into blues and pinks and our perspectives into STEM for Males and Social Sciences for Females.

Power Up With STEAM

is our small step to join the big movement in changing this mindset and bridging the gender gap in STEAM education and careers. We do this by building  interest in 4th-8th girls through free resources and workshops in science, technology, engineering, arts, & mathematics as well as by exposing them to multi-disciplinary STEAM careers. 

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"No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens.

– Michelle Obama

Our Mission

Power Up With STEAM is a non-profit community-based organization that aims to Engage girls in STEAM related activities, Educate them about career pathways, and Empower them with subject-matter knowledge.

Our Vision

Empowered young girls break gender barriers and Emerge as the Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, and Technological leaders of tomorrow.

Why Choose Power Up With STEAM?

From Clubs through Colleges to Careers


We build a community of HS mentors and middle school mentees. Through STEAM workshops, tutoring sessions HS mentors help MS girls transition to HS with confidence & clearer roadmap of clubs & courses.


We host webinars with college female students pursuing STEAM majors where they share their journey and experiences with high school girls.


We bring Female STEAM leaders & industry experts as guest speakers to give career talks, serve as role models, and provide exposure to different career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

STEM education is incomplete without the soft skills that come with Arts. Creativity fuels innovation that is the backbone of all areas of STEM.

Meet the Team

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Devanshi Kothari

Devanshi Kothari

Founder & Executive Director
Shatter Stereotypes and instill Self-Confidence

Surround your daughter with mentors and role models who possess the traits of strength & confidence and the skills of technical knowledge, entrepreneurship, leadership, & teamwork.  


—Benjamin Franklin

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

Devanshi did an awesome job conducting the STEAM camp and college talk to engage young girls in STEAM subjects. My daughter enjoyed the camp activities especially the fun games they played as assessment of the new content! Good luck to PUWS team!
6th Grade Parent
I liked the class very much! It was very fun! For the new students who come, here's info on this class for you: it's awesome!
Tisya Gupta
Student, STEAM Workshop
Power Up With STEAM was an excellent week long camp introducing kids to the basic concepts in S, T, E, A, and M. That it was all girls was a bonus for girls in this age group 🙂 My daughter particularly enjoyed her sessions with Suchita and Devanshi. Admirable effort by all volunteers. Look forward to seeing this become bigger and better next summer. Best wishes.
Sucheta Jain
Parent, STEAM Workshop


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