Past Events

Exploring Data Science with Priyanka Bhatt

Meet Priyanka Bhatt, Director of Data Science with WIRB-Copernicus Group.  Priyanka has an under graduate degree in Biochemistry, a Masters in Biomedical Sciences followed by a PhD in Health Informatics.  She brings a repository of diverse and highly enriched experience in Data Science. She will introduce the subject of Data Science and help us take a deep dive on the different specializations as well as the pathways to get there. We will also take a peek on her own academic and professional trajectory along with her take on STEM for girls. 

College & Career Talk with Abby Schmid

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Meet Scigirl, Abby Schmid, a 2020 graduate of the University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Abby is currently pursuing some post-bachelors research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and is super excited to begin her PhD studies in Engineering Science this upcoming fall! In today’s webinar, Abby will be sharing her high school and college experiences. She will also describe her research opportunities and share ways that interested students can get involved with research during high school. Apart from a STEM major, Abby also minored in Art History, so she will use this experience to highlight the importance of STEAM and how both STEM and art go hand-in-hand.

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